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New York City Department of Transportation
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NYC Active Street Construction Permits Issued by NYCDOT
To begin a search, you must first select a borough and at least one other location parameter (e.g. Community District or On Street). Select additional criteria to further narrow a search. Alternatively you may simply enter a permit number. When you have defined your search criteria, click the "Search Permits" button. Clicking on the Permit Number in the Search Results page will open a pop-up window with additional permit details.
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Frequently Asked Questions:
1. Why can't I find my street in the drop-down list of streets? Answer
Only streets with active permits are displayed in the list. If you cant find your street then you can assume that there is no active permit for that location. Hide Answer
2. Why does the list return some permits which have already expired? Answer
Permits which have expired in the last 10 days are included in this system since some permits allow a 10 day grace period for the purposes of pavement restoration.Hide Answer
3. Why do you show a permit for work on my street this week but no work has occurred? Answer
The start date and end date of a permit means the permit is valid for that period of time. There are times that a permit will be issued with a start date but a contractor will not begin work on that day and/or that work may be completed prior to the end date. Hide Answer
4. Why can't I find a permit listed even though I see a contractor working now on the location? Answer
Only permits that were issued by DOT through the close of business yesterday are available through this system. If no permits appear for the location of your inquiry then a permit may have been issued after the close of business yesterday. Permits for Emergency work may not appear for 24 hours after the work has begun. If work has been ongoing for more than one day and no permits appear you should call 311. Hide Answer
5. The permit end date is for two days from now. Does this mean all work will be completed in two days? Answer
Some projects are not completed by the permit end date. When this occurs a new permit must be issued with a new end date. Hide Answer
6. Why can?t I find a permit for work on a bridge or highway? Answer
The listing of permits does not include work on Highways and Bridges nor locations outside the jurisdiction of NYCDOT such as work performed by the MTA or Port Authority on Bridges or in tunnels. Hide Answer
7. What if the application is malfunctioning and I have already reviewed the Frequently Asked Questions? Answer
Please call 311 to report trouble with the NYCDOT OnLine Permit Search Form. Hide Answer
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